Report Date: 12/27/2012

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Fig Forest's Biker Queen Of Charming

Name:Fig Forest's Biker Queen Of Charming
AKC #:HP383233/01 Breed/Variety:Dachshund
Birth Date:07/15/2010 Sex:Female
Breeder(s):Virginia Teed/Lynn Fishbaugh

Fig Forest's Biker Queen Of Charming
Doc Holliday Samson Ml
HP203592/04 12-07
AKC DNA #V530701
Mclilpaw's Montana Chip Ml
HP118225/02 10-05
AKC DNA #V382165
Mercury Of Teckel Doki Jp
HP053092/01 10-03 (Japan)
AKC DNA #V301025
Adorian Of K.S. Dog Jp
JKC DHM-3215997
Elks Top JP Reat Fine ML
JKC DHM-12487/95
Bestla Of Aihime The Beginning JP
JKC DHM-03286/97
Karlfried Jp Kindly Tiara
JKC DHM-18844/01
Karlfried Jp Stanley Jubilant
JKC 41617/99
Karlfried Jp Kindly Tifa
JKC DHM-14185/99
Garlin's Delldach's Purechoice ML
HM980729/02 02-03
Black & Tan
Brandachs Bavarian Creamfill ML
HM941862/02 01-02
Black & Cream
AKC DNA #V277647
Brandachs No Black Roots ML
HM838265/01 10-99 (Canada)
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V129659
Brandachs Blonds R Bootiful ML
HM824439/01 05-01 (Canada)
Garlin's Fraulein Fergie ML
HM860307/01 07-01
Chocolate & Tan
CH Treasuredox Trade Effect ML
HM527061/03 05-96
Chocolate & Tan
Garlin's Delta Dawn Ms
HM763736/01 01-00
Chocolate & Tan
Mclilpaws Mor Cremedelite-Ml
HP135087/01 07-06
Black & Cream
Big Bobby Jp's Bell And Mn
HP101952/01 10-04 (Japan)
AKC DNA #V358816
Braxton-Hicks Commenter
JKC DHM-78238/00
Sunset Keya Jp Gavan Braxton
JKC DHM-33359/98
Braxton-Hicks Bitter Sweet
JKC DHM-10204/98
City Mall Jp Blondy
JKC DHM-20532/02
Shine Light Jp Gaiety Boy
JKC DHM-60585/00
Carin Of Momoko House
JKC DHM-69481/00
Stones Miss Maggie Ml
HP046315/01 04-05
Black & Cream
Royal Flax Of Palace Pasty JP
HN006518/01 04-03 (Japan)
Black & Cream
AKC DNA #V271908
W.Friedeman Bach Of Gold Realm JP
JKC DHM-01892/00
Arabesque Of Natural World JP
JKC DHM-62548/99
Jade Treasure
HM948360/03 02-03
Chocolate & Tan
Clement's Topaz Treasure
HM856835/03 02-01
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V220160
Clement's Greta Garbodog
HM856569/01 07-01
Chocolate & Tan
Sweet Creamy Butter Ml
HP224957/02 09-08
Baron Wolfgang Lacream ML
HN000255/01 07-03
AKC DNA #V275305
Max A Million Lacream MLPB
HM895130/01 09-01
Cream Piebald
AKC DNA #V183164
Colorow's Low Raider
HM652601/04 09-97
Blue & Tan Dapple
AKC DNA #V149370
Wolfgang Von Wienerschnitzel
HM608958/02 10-96
Black & Tan Dapple
Colorow's Chip-A-Wa Princess
HM580737/01 10-96
Chocolate & Tan Sable
Madonna Of Colorow
HM761367/01 02-00
Driver's Robby Red Of Coloro
HM641938/01 07-97
AKC DNA #V149369
Bonnie Blue Of Colorow
HM667129/03 11-97
Blue & Tan Brindle
Schnitzel's Sugar Lives On
HM916483/01 10-01
Walker Black Jack
HM860754/05 12-00
AKC DNA #V144637
Jessi's Schnitzel Lacream
HM791230/02 01-00
AKC DNA #V88323
Ruth's French Vanilla Cream
HM724801/04 05-99
Cream Piebald
Miss Jazcie
HM869981/03 12-00
Jessi's Schnitzel Lacream
HM791230/02 01-00
AKC DNA #V88323
Rika's Pure Gold Sunshine
HM809117/01 03-00
Red Piebald
Midgets Sunset Amber ML
HM983575/03 07-04
T C's Painted Dominoe MLP
HM878266/01 09-01
Black & Tan Piebald
AKC DNA #V188614
Harlequin Sitn Ona Powderkeg
HM717803/01 07-98
Red Piebald
AKC DNA #V135481
Huebings Little Teaser Ms
HM516062/02 01-96
Chocolate & Tan Dapple
AKC DNA #V92451
Dinki Dau Julie Anne ML
HM608458/01 11-97
Black & Tan
Sarah Harrod
HM811760/02 05-00
Wheaten Dapple
Harlequin Sitn Ona Powderkeg
HM717803/01 07-98
Red Piebald
AKC DNA #V135481
Dinki Daus Mocha Delight
HM608458/03 07-98
Chocolate & Tan
T C's Black Wired Midget MW
HM917336/04 02-02
Black & Tan
Hickory Hill Doc
HM644217/04 12-97
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V78887
Cherdach's Toby V Dachsheider
HM511996/01 09-95
Black & Tan
Hickory Hill Tequila MW
HM560734/02 09-96
Wild Boar
Violets Are Blue
HM784403/04 10-99
Sir Daxy Of Dallas
HM774317/01 11-98 (United Kingdom)
Rebeka Ranae Ryan
HM606923/06 09-97
Black & Tan

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